Savour a taste of London with the delicious, rich, silky Chelsea Coffee Club.
Mayfair Blend
Mayfair is Chelsea Coffee Club’s artisan coffee. Hand- roasted and blended in London using only the finest organic, Fairtrade-certified beans, sourced from Sumatra, Colombia, Brazil and Uganda. We call this blend Mayfair because it delivers a smooth, full- bodied taste, as sophisticated as the place that inspired it. Savour its rich, silky style and smooth character to reveal its Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Green Apple and Milk Chocolate flavour notes.
Chelsea Coffee Club Holland Park is a crisp espresso, rich and smooth with Dark Chocolate, Blood Orange and Blackberry flavour notes. Our combination blend roasted in London uses a selection of organic, Fairtrade-certified beans from small growers in Colombia, Brazil and Uganda. We roast the beans until they are perfectly dark to create a robust espresso, with profound depth and complexity.
Notting Hill is Chelsea Coffee Club’s festive blend, inspired by the culture, colour and charisma of London’s legendary Notting Hill Carnival. We combine and roast the finest Ethiopian, Colombian and Ugandan beans to create an easy-to- drink coffee with Blackberry, Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate flavour notes. Notting Hill Festive Blend is hand roasted in London to create a well balanced smooth, rich, heavy bodied coffee with a distinctive chocolate aftertaste.
Chelsea Coffee Club’s Earls Court is blended in London using our finest ground bean - 100% Columbian Arabica. Earls Court’s full, smooth flavour is inspired by the busy, cosmopolitan nature of Earls Court, a treat that evokes the bustle and vibrancy of the area’s events, attractions and diversity - the perfect instant coffee to fit into your daily life.